We ask for a verification code, or a Secure Access Code (SAC), as a security measure to verify that the person logging in is the account owner.

We send a Secure Access Code (SAC) that you can use to quickly access your account. The Secure Access Code (SAC) is sent by phone or text message.

There are several reasons why we might not recognize the device you're using:

  • You're using a new device or one you haven't used before.
  • You switched to a new browser or changed your browser settings.
  • You cleared your cookies from the browser.
  • You're browsing in private or incognito mode.
  • You knowingly or unknowingly asked to not skip this extra security step.
  • You've modified your device, its operating system or its software settings.
  • Your Internet provider changed its system settings, affecting our ability to recognize your device.

If you don't have access to the Secure Access Code (SAC)  option(s) available to you to receive a Secure Access Code (SAC), please contact Customer Service at 877-566-2621 (English) or 888-281-6123 (Español) and we will help you access your account.