Microsoft Windows 10 or later or Mac OS X 10.10 or later. 

An internet connection with a minimum of 1 Mbps download speed.

Available browser updates applied for improved security that provide anti-virus and spyware protection.

Any browser not listed in the following table should be considered unsupported by VeraBank.


Google Chrome (Current and previous two major versions)RecommendedRecommended
Mozilla Firefox (Current and previous two major versions)SupportedSupported
Microsoft Edge (Current and previous two major versions)SupportedUnsupported
Apple Safari (Current and previous two major versions)UnsupportedSupported


VeraBank App Quick Reference

VersionUUX 4.x
Android 8.x and laterSupported
Android 7.xLimited Support
iOS 15.x and laterSupported
iOS 14.x and laterSupported
iOS 13.x and laterSupported
iOS 12.x and laterLimited Support