Currently, the following alerts types are available via text message, email, and app push notification.

  • Balance Update
  • Low Balance & High Balance
  • Exact Balance
  • Withdrawals Over Set Dollar Amount
  • Withdrawals Under Set Dollar Amount
  • Withdrawals of a Set Dollar Amount
  • Deposits Over Set Dollar Amount
  • Deposits Under Set Dollar Amount
  • Deposits of a Set Dollar Amount
  • Check Cleared
  • Transaction Description Keywords
  • Setup alerts based on the following online transactions:
    • Change of Address
    • Check Reorder
    • Domestic Wire
    • External Transfer
    • Funds Transfers
    • Stop Payment
  • Personal Reminders

To setup and edit alerts:

  • VeraBank Online Banking & Apps
    1. Login
    2. From the left-hand menu, select "Settings"
    3. Then click on "Alert Settings"
    4. Click on the "New Alert" button